Apple Release MacBook Air Display Fix

It seems that a lot of the time that a new product is release these days, there are a variety of problems that have to be fixed by the manufacturer. Apple is one of the companies that seem to be particularly bad for this and this is one of the reasons that there are so many releases of their firmware updates for their iPhone and iPad devices. Now, it seems that Apple has encountered another problem with one of their latest products; theMacbook Air. Many users have been complaining about problems with the new MacBook Air laptop since it was released a couple of months ago and Apple have now responded to the problem.

Many users that purchased one of the new MacBook Air devices over the past few months have been complaining of issues such as flickering of the screen. Many users have said that the screen on the device will flicker and when they notified Apple of this problem, they simply told user sot close the lid of the laptop and then reopen it. This wasn’t really a fix but now, Apple has released new drivers for the device that have fixed the problems.

The new driver release fort the device has also fixed a couple of other minor issues with the device as well and the update can be downloaded from the Apple updates website free of charge for all users of the device.

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