Apple iPad 2

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months as to what products Apple will have lined up for their 2011 conference in January. Apple has a habit of releasing some of their most well known and best products at their conference that they hold in California at the beginning of very year and this year, they are expected to release a next generation version of the iPad. There are a lot of people predicting this and some of the people have even said that it will be called the iPad 2 and have also had ideas as to what will be included in the next generation of the device.

The Apple iPad is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the year and it has changed the way that a lot of people work around the world. Now, many people are speculating the release of the iPad 2 device in early January of 2011 and there has been a lot of talk about new features that the device could have. There is thought to be a front facing camera including in the device in order to allow users to use Apple’s Facetime feature and there is also speculation that there could be an additional dock connector that will allow the device to be docked in landscape mode.

We will just have to wait until the early 2011 conference to find out what Apple actually has in store for us.

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