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iPod Touch to be included in Apples Big Launch?

The rumours at the moment are that Apple plans to announce the release of a new iPod Touch device in their conference today. There have been a few products that have been rumoured to be released today including a new version of their Apple TV device which is rumoured to be named iTV as well as information on the release of the white iPhone 4 device. However, another product that has been rumoured on the internet is the release of a new 4th generation iPod Touch device.

The rumour is that this new device will be released today at the conference and there has been a lot of talk about the features that it will hold. Many people believe that the device will be a little more like a scaled down iPad than an iPod Touch and they believe that  the lasts generation of the product will feature a front facing camera, much like the iPhone 4. A front facing camera would allow users to be able to make calls using Facetime like on the iPhone 4 device. Rumours on the internet have also said that the new version of the iPod Touch could have the same Retina display that has been used on the iPhone 4 device and that it could have an increase in memory.

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We will just have to wait until later on tonight to see what Apple release in their conference but we are certainly excited.

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