Apple to release Macbook Pro in March

There are always a large amount of rumours surrounding what Apple is going to do next and over the past few months, most of these rumours have been surrounding the iPad 2 device which is thought to be due for release over the next couple of months. It seems that people have been so focussed on this product that they have almost forgotten about some of the other products that Apple makes including their beloved Macbook Pro computer. It has been announced that today that there is a rumour of a new range of Macbook Pro devices to be launched in March of this year.

This rumour came after a source announced that there was a new inventory of these devices spotted at a Best Buy store in the US. It is thought that the launch date of the new Macbook Pro will be around the 11th March date. There are very few details surrounding this new release and of course, nothing has been confirmed by Apple as of yet. It is thought that Apple will choose to opt for solid state hard drives in the device rather than the standard hard drives that it currently installs. It is also thought that Apple could actually remove the DVD drive from the Macbook Pro as they have previously done with the Macbook Air.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple does with the new range of Macbook Pro’s and we are sure it won’t be long until we find out.

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