Apple Offers iPad Owners a Refund

A few days ago, Apple announced the release of their next generation model of their popular tablet computer; the iPad. The iPad 2 will go on sale at the end of this month all around the world and now, Apple have offered a refund to some of those that had bought the old model of the iPad and want to upgrade.

Apple has said that it will give people that have the old iPad a refund of $100 if they wish to purchase the iPad 2. However, this partial refund is only available to certain people who have purchased the iPad. Yesterday, Apple made the decision to drop the price of the original iPad from $499 to $399 and the refund for the iPad will be available to anyone who purchased the old model within the previous two weeks before it was discounted. This means that the cut off date for the refund will be anyone that purchased the original iPad before February 16.

As well as this, they will only offer the refund to people that bought the iPad in one of their stores or through their website and not people who bought it from any other retailer. The iPad 2 will go on sale in many countries around the world at the end of this month for the price of $499 which is the same as the original iPad went on sale for last year.

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