Apple to Release New MobileMe for iPhone 5

There are tonnes of Apple rumours around every single day and the latest one is that Apple is set to release an entirely new version of their MobileMe service around the same time that they release the iPhone 5 device. It is thought that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 deice later on this year and many believe that it will come around June time. However, as well as this, there is also a rumour that Apple will completely update and change their MobileMe cloud computing service in order to fit the new iPhone.

It is thought that Apple is looking at including many new features in the next version of MobileMe including live video streaming services as well as advanced geo-tagging services and check in services. Rumour has it that Apple will release the new version of the MobileMe software around the same time as the iPhone 5 which, if the other rumours are current, will mean that the new version of the cloud computing software will be released around early June of this year.

Despite these new and exciting features rumoured for the software, there have also been a number of privacy concerns. It is thought that the new software will collect a lot more information from users such as websites visited, who they’ve met and so on. This will no doubt be part of the ever growing privacy debate.

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