Apple iPhone 5 release to be held back

With the recent release of the iPad 2 from Apple, it is thought that Apple will now be working on the release of the iPhone 5 which has been thought to be released in the summer of this year. However, it is now thought that the release of the iphone 5 could actually be held back until a later date following information from Apple that suggests this.

It was previously thought that this year’s WWDC conference that is held by Apple would see the unveiling of the iPhone 5 Smartphone although with the tickets to the event now sold out, Apple have informed people that the event will be aimed more at software rather than hardware. In an announcement that was made by Apple’s senior vice president, he said “At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS”. This has led many people to believe that the iPhone 5 will not actually be unveiled at this year’s WWDC conference and that it will be aimed more at focusing on the app store and other Mac programs.

Apple is currently said to be working on a completely re-designed version of the iPhone in order to release as the iPhone 5 but it is now expected that we might not see the release of this phone until later in the year. However, iOS 5 could be released at the WWDC event.

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