Apple iPad 2 Supplies Starting to Improve

Ever since the release of the Apple iPad 2 in many countries around the world in the last month or so, there has been a huge shortage of the devices. There has been so much demand for the new Apple tablet computer that the company has actually seen huge problems when it comes to actually giving their customers what they want. Now however, it is said that the supply of the Apple iPad 2 device is getting better as Apple announce lower delivery times on their website.

Following the release in the US around a month ago, most of the stores across the country have been sold out of the Apple iPad 2 with many customers having to order them online. This is the same story across the world including countries such as the UK. Previously, it has been said on the Apple website that customers should expect to have their iPad 2 devices delivered in around 4 weeks but now, this number has gone down to around 2 weeks.

It is said that Apple actually states the maximum amount of delivery time on their website too meaning that many of the people that have ordered the devices could start to receive them within a matter of just a few days or perhaps a week. EBay has announced that there have been 12,000 iPad 2’s sold on their website since launched, showing the huge demand that there is.

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