Apple to launch Mac App Store December 13th

According to the latest rumours on the internet, Apple is thought to be planning the grand opening of their Mac App Store for Monday December 13th. Apple are one of the most well known publishers of mobile applications in the world with the iTunes app store offering apps for the iPhone and iPad mobile devices. After the success of their iTunes app store and the applications that are currently available for mobile devices, Apple has recently taken the move to open an app store which will allow customers to download and buy applications for their Mac computers.

Rumours are saying the Apple are planning the release of their Mac App Store for the beginning of this week. The rumours have been floating around on the internet today but it is not clear where they originally came from. It is thought that Apple were actually hoping to open the Mac App Store even sooner and that Steve Jobs; the CEO of Apple was actually pushing for an earlier opening. However, the opening has been pushed back a little and is thought to take place next week.

As well as the opening of the Mac App Store from Apple, many believe that Apple will also choose this time to release their iOS 4.3 upgrade for the iPad. This is thought to add new features for the device such as subscription only magazine and newspaper applications and much more.

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