Top 3 Errors You Have to Deal With When Installing Configuration Profiles

Usually, installing a configuration profile on an iPad or iPhone with iPhone Configuration Utility is straightforward–but as at any time software meets hardware, errors can occur. Here are three errors that pop up pretty frequently and that you may need to deal with.

“Unexpected Error from Your Mobile Device” Message

The message “iPhone Configuration Utility has encountered an unexpected error from your mobile device” with an error term such as kAMDMuxConnectError or a similar smashed-caps error term means that iPhone Configuration Utility has lost its grip of the USB port. Unplugging and replugging the device is worth a try, but normally you’ll need to reboot the PC.

“Configuration Profile Installation Failed” Message

If iPhone Configuration Utility displays the Configuration Profile Installation Failed dialog box when you try to install a configuration profile on an iPad or iPhone, the problem is usually that the configuration profile contains no payload.

“Invalid Profile: Profile Format Not Recognized” Error

The message “Invalid profile: Profile format not recognized” can occur at various times, but if you’re getting it from the iPhone Configuration Utility, it usually means that the configuration profiles payload includes a self-signed certificate in a format the iPad or iPhone doesn’t like.

In this invalid profile ipad or iphone case, remove the self-signed certificate from the payload, convert the certificate from the PEM (Privacy-Enhanced Mail) format to the DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules) format, and add it to the payload again. (To convert the certificate, use OpenSSL—–another tool.) Try installing the profile again, and it should work.

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