Apple iPad 2 Event Due Today

Every year, Apple always has a variety of new products up their sleeve and in order to let their consumers known about these products, they will hold an event in which they will let us know their plans for the year. Although this is typically held in January or February most years, it is a little later this year and Apple has actually planned the media even for today. Over the past few months, speculation has been growing as to what Apple will announce at the event and it is thought that it will be the Apple iPad 2 for starters.

This year at the event in San Francisco, Phil Schiller will take the stage in order to let us know about the plans for the company .Typically, it is Steve Jobs who takes this position but he is currently on medical leave for the company. It s was Schiller who took over from the position of Steve Jobs last time he was on medical leave from the company too.

It is expected that the main reason for the event today is so that Apple can unveil the iPad 2 to us. It is around a year since they released the iPad and it is thought that the iPad 2 will have many new features including cameras and faster processor.

The event will commence at around 6pm GMT time today and you will be able to keep updated with it online.

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