Apple iPad 2 Jailbroken After Just Two Days on Sale

Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad are well known to get jailbroken by hackers and despite Apple’s attempts to stop this, their releases always seem to be jailbroken rather quickly. Now, with the release of the iPad 2 device just a couple of days ago, a jailbreak for the device has already surfaced on the net.

The well known iPhone developer and hacker; Comex, has demonstrated on the internet that he has in fact jailbroken the iPad 2 device that is running the iOS 4.3 operating system. He has demonstrated that he has the absility to run the Cydia applcation on the iPad 2 which requires the device to be jailbroken. For those that aren’t familiar with the Cydia app, it is basically an app that allows you to obtain apps for the device for free and apps that aren’t currently available in the iTunes app store.

Comex is said to have tweeted that the hack would have been made available yesterday although he had to spend extra time looking for a replacement exploit which has pushed back the release of the jailbreak.

Although the hacker has demonstrated that the Cydia app will run on the iPad 2 device, he is yet to release the jailbreak solution to the public however, it is thought that he won’t wait long and that it will be released over the next few weeks.

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