Apple iOS 4.3 Details Leaked Online

Just a few weeks ago, Apple released their update of the operating system for all of their iOS devices with the release of their iOS 4.2 operating system, now it seems that the Guardian Newspaper has actually inadvertently revealed details about the next iOS 4.3 operating system before it was even rumoured to be released. The information came after the guardian newspaper updated the content of their application in the iTunes app store to include details of a future update to their application that is apparently not feasible with the currently iOS 4.2 operating system.

On the Guardian newspapers iPad and iPhone application in the iTunes app store, there has been an update from the Guardian in which they have told users that they are going to drop their current iPod application that is available in favour of a subscription based application. This is something that is not currently possible with the iOS 4.2 operating system and it has led people to believe that this will be a feature that Apple is hoping to implement in the next version of the operating system.

According to many people, it is not currently possible to release subscription based applications into the iTunes app store and this has revealed the fact that Apple is more than likely planning to include this in the next release of the iOS 4.3 operating system for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The Guardian has also said that this change will come into effect before Christmas.

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