Apple makes $6 Billion in Three Months

Apple is currently the second largest company in the world and despite the share price falling over the past few days; the company is still in a great position. Apple has now announced that over the last three months or so, it has actually made a record amount of profit. This is due to the demand for their products over the festive period and the amount of the products that were actually shifted.

Apple has announced that in the three months that were running up to the 25th December 2010, they actually made profit of $6 billion. This is because consumers have had such a high demand for the latest Apple products in the last year and they have purchased more iPhones, Mac computers and iPads than ever. The sales of their all of their products have been on the rise after the company keeps on growing and becoming more desirable around the world.

During the quarter, Apple actually managed to sell a staggering 4.13 million Mac computers, this is a 23% rise on the same quarter from last year. They also managed to sell 16.24 million iPhones; this is a rise of 86% on the same quarter of last year.

However, the iPod sales for Apple actually fell by around 7%. It is thought that this is due to the iPhone and iPad products containing an iPod as well as the other features that they offer.

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