Apple to make Mini iPhone 5

A new rumour has emerged about Apple today and that is regarding the iPhone device. It is thought that Apple will actually be releasing a version of the iPhone later on this year that will be smaller and more compact than the current version. It is rumoured that this is already being taken extremely seriously by Apple who are expected to attempt to create the product in order to get into other sections of the market.

It is thought that the new iPhone device could be called the iPhone Nano or iPhone Mini and that it will be a little smaller than the current iPhone 4 device. It is also thought that Apple is planning to take away the home button in order to make the device smaller. It is said that Apple will keep the performance of the device similar to that of the iPhone 4 and will keep any other innovations for th full version of the iPhone 5 later on this year.

The iPhone Nano/Mini is also expected to be a lot more reasonably priced than previous versions of the iPhone. At the current time, Apple’s products are predominantly aimed at the higher end of the market and it is thought that by producing a product that is much lower in price, it will allow Apple to enter into the Chinese and Indian markets where the price of the products has been a huge issue in the past.

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