Editing Photos ‘On The Go’ For Faster Results

Editing Photos ‘On The Go’ For Faster Results. Editing your holiday, wedding or birthday party snaps can be a timely process, and most of us don’t have the time to sit down and edit our photographs during the day. However, thanks to the creation of a range of photo editing apps, you can now alter and enhance your images wherever you are on a variety of handheld devices.


An app such as Pic Mix is a great application for a range of Blackberry models and allows you to add special effects to your pictures wherever you are. Blackberry Torch models have the best camera quality for better image quality so that will make your picture look better to begin with. Using an editing app then allows you to add frames, filters, captions, effects and also share the images on social networking sites. However, if you want a bigger range of effects and ease of use, Apple products are generally better.


The iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel camera and HDR capabilities, making it even better than some of the most expensive digital cameras on the market today. However, it has one main advantage over a standard digital camera and that is its photo editing apps. Some of the best photo apps for iPhone are compatible with iPads, but also offer tools such as shadow adjustment, addition of special effects and you can even make an image like a cartoon with speech bubbles.


The main benefit of using an iPad instead of an iPhone is of course that you have a bigger screen on which to adjust and view your pictures. The resolution of the latest iPad for example is 264 ppi (pixels per inch) which gives a great and very realistic high quality image.

To edit your quality pictures, you can use apps such as Photoshop Express, Photo Pal or Doodle Cam. These allow noise reduction so that you can have a much clearer picture, enhance colors and add effects with ease. The beauty of using a photo editing app on your iPad is that it is quicker to select tools and apply them using your fingertips on the multi-touch display than it is to edit using a mouse and monitor on a desktop or even a laptop computer.


The Google Nexus is a great quality tablet which is comparable to the iPad as one of the better handheld tablet devices on the current market. A similar size and shape to the iPad, the Nexus has a better front facing camera but has a similar rear facing quality camera to the iPad. The main advantage of the Nexus is its much cheaper price if budget is a big factor.

When it comes to image editing apps on the Nexus, Pics Art Photo Studio is a good application for anyone that needs a good range of features for their picture editing needs. It offers a range of different effects including color adjust, cartoonizer, brushes etc that can help you enhance any image taken with the tablet.

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