Tablets sales increased by 124% in first quarter and iPad has the first place

The entire tablet segment is pushed from behind by iPad, that’s for sure and with a new Apple tablet model launched in March, it was obvious that the entire area of such terminals increased. Thus, it appears that the tablets increased by 124% in terms of deliveries in the first quarter.

Apple iPad has increased by 162% of deliveries in the first quarter, compared to the same period of 2011. These figures are provided by the NPD DisplaySearch study that indicates that Apple shipped 13.6 million iPad units within 3 months of the year, enough to achieve a 62.8% market share globally. Meanwhile, Amazon Kindle Fire lost second position and was replaced by Samsung, which now has 7.5% market share and 1.6 million units shipped during this period.

Amazon has 4% market share and 900,000 tablets Kindle threads started by retailers/customers in the period from January to March. 4th place in the duel is closely ASUS RIM and BlackBerry PlayBook managed to sell enough units, especially since the price is only $ 200. Both producers have 2.3% share, and ASUS has been particularly large orders for Prime Transformer, but for older Eee Pad Transformer. If they are figures of the study, well those published by Apple are more modest, with 11.8 million tablets delivered a 151% increase from 2011. Finally an interesting NPD statistic shows that 4 of 5 mobile terminals delivered are iPads.

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