Apple opens online store in China

Apple is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment in the world and they are well known in countries such as the UK and the United States for actually delivering their products to their customers when an order is placed on their ecommerce website., However, for a while now, Apple has not had an ecommerce website in place in China and if customers have wanted to order products from them in the country, they would actually have to come in to one of Apples stores in the country to pick them up. This latest move is part of Apples expansion plans for China and they have also launched a simplified version of the app store in China.

 Prior to this move, people in china could actually order products from Apple’s website but they would have to come and collect them their selves from one of Apple’s stores in the country. There are currently only 4 stores in the country and this was a bit of a hassle for Chinese customers. Now, it is possible for Chinese customers to order products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices from the Apple website and actually have them delivered. Apple plans to deliver to almost anywhere in China with more remote places taking a little extra delivery time.

Apple says that 5they are also planning to open many more stores in China over the next year or so in order to really move into the Chinese market.

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