Steve Jobs, the genius who revolutionized the IT industry

Steve Jobs has revolutionized IT and entertainment industries and made our lives much easier by the many innovations that he introduced. Not always was the inventor of a new range of products, but each time he knew how to build them to be accessible and appealing to the mass of users. And here the simplicity of design has had a hard word to say.

If we analyze the last decade of industry, we will see that the most important gadgets have appeared on the market under the Apple brand:

iPod (2001) – The enjoyment of your music anywhere, anytime became reality with the Apple iPod, the player that has ten years is the industry standard. Was not the first MP3 player in the world, but was the first that the people like it. Add to this the iTunes platform for buying and selling music, and you have the full appearance of the music industry.

iPhone (2007) – Steve Jobs was considered crazy when asked to Apple employees to develop a mobile phone with a single button. The result was the iPhone, and what followed is history.

Impact: Nokia and RIM have failed to adapt to the trend imposed by Apple. The mobile phone has taken over much of the functionality of a personal computer. iOS operating system available on the iPhone has created a new industry

iPad (2010) – The graphic tablets are many, many years and until last year were big, stumpy, used only with stylus and priced over $2,000. But Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. Received initially apprehensive about the usefulness of such a device, iPad quickly captured the hearts of enthusiasts and paved the way for a new market segment.

Apple II (1977) – Jobs had the determination to create a desktop computer for the masses of users despite the refusal received from the giant IBM. The fact that after only four years the British had to launch what is now known as the first PC is the best proof that Jobs is, in fact, the person who pioneered the personal computer.

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