Apple iPad 2 to have large speaker and camera

There have been a lot of rumours circulating on the internet as to the release of the iPad 2 device from Apple next year. Of course, Apple hasn’t actually confirmed that they will be releasing the device at all, but the predictions are very often untrue. There have been rumours about what will be upgraded on the device and there have been many rumours of a camera for quite some time. Now, some stores have been receiving iPad 2 cases that have been designed with larger holes for the camera as well as a larger hole for the speaker.

These cases have led to new rumours on the internet that the Apple iPad 2 will actually have a camera as well as a larger speaker. The iPad that is currently on the market currently has a small speaker as well as a headphone jack and it is thought that this might have been a n area that Apple have been working on.

The iPad currently has a huge share of the tablet market and the release of the iPad 2 device could see this share become even higher than it currently it. The iPad 2 is expected to be unveiled by Apple at their conference eat the beginning of January along with many other products such as the Mac App Store which has been rumoured for quite some time. There are many other features expected on the iPad 2 also.

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