Apples Tim Cook Paid $59.1 Million

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world and most of the people around the world have heard of the CEO of the company; Steve Jobs. However, last year, Steve had to take some time out from the company in order to have a liver transplant and this made the investors of Apple extremely worried. Steve appointed Tim Cook in order to replace him during this time and Tim certainly had a huge job for him throughout the year. Tim Cook has since brought the company to make millions and has been paid over $59 million for the last financial year.

Tim Cook has been running the Apple Company for the last year and this has earned him a pretty nice sum of money. For the previous financial year, he has actually been paid $59.1 million for his work and has also been given a cash bonus of $5 million. As well as this, he was also given $52.3 million in stock options of the company.

Tim Cook has previously worked at some of the other huge names in the computing industry and tit is thought that this is why he was chosen for Apple. Over the last year, Apple has seen their shares rise by a huge amount to over $300. This has made Apple the second largest company in the world after the oil giant; Mobil.

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