Apple iPad most Searched for Gadget

There are so many gadgets on the market today that each of the companies that are producing them are trying to get their products to be the most wanted products out of all of them. It is difficult to tell which product has had the biggest impact on consumers and which has generated the most interest but one of the ways of telling is by looking how many people have searched fro the products over the course of a certain period of time. By looking at how many people look for certain technological products on search engines, you will be able to tell which has had the largest impact on consumers. This year, a report has been released by Google which shows that the Apple iPad is the most searched for gadget of this year.

 The report that has been released has shown that the Apple iPad device has come in the number 1 position for the most searched for gadget of the year. The Apple iPad has completely changed the way that we look at tablet computers and Apple also took the second position of the most searched for devices with their Apple iPhone 4.

Amongst the other devices that have been searched for the most over the past year on Google include many Nokia handsets with one coming it at the third position and the popular social networking website Twitter. Facebook came in tenth position being beaten by the rival; Twitter.

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