Apple CEO Steve Jobs Takes $1 Salary

Apple is now one of the largest companies in the world and they have a wide range of premium products that have attracted hundreds of thousands of users overt eh last few years. The CEO of Apple; Steve Jobs is clearly loaded yet he has chosen to take a salary of just $1 once again.

The CEO of the company is well known for taking this salary and he has done it yet again. This $1 salary will be his total amount of compensation for the year and he has once again shown his dedication to the company. Steve Jobs has taken this salary from the company every year since he joined the company back in 1997. Despite only taking this amount as a salary, Apple’s stocks have been going from strength to strength this year and the CEO actually owns around 5.5 million of them. The shares trade currently for around $333 which is a huge increase on last year’s price of around $211.

Apple shares are thought to have grown a huge amount because of the new products that have been released by the company. Currently, Apple have been taking advantage of the huge market domination that they are experiencing with the Apple iPad device as they are one of the few companies to explore this market. However, this is likely to change in the coming year although there is thought to be an iPad 2 and iPhone 5 on the way.

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