Apple likely to create bigger iPod Touch instead of netbook, analyst says

It seems Apple is likely to push deeper into low cost mobile computer system and they may release a larger version of iPod Touch player in 2010 instead of creating a scaled down MacBook Netbook. This has been confirmed by senior research analyst Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray. Such aim of launching large iPod Touch is to attract buyers at this time of recession. A price bracket of $500 to $700 is not a bad choice to get a MacBook Netbook.

The bigger iPod Touch is expected to take the form of touch screen tablet computer with price tag that would range from $500 to $750 or somewhat more or less. Munster who has been following digital media companies including Apple since 1995 said that the new product wouldn’t be anything different but a touch screen tablet computer. According to him Apple is expecting to release the product in the first half of next year. He is of the view that Apple would use their very famous laptop line that would be the launch pad of the netnook. It will be an inexpensive portable computer that will be able to handle basic internet functions.

Munster points out that during the medical leave of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook was acting in the post and he then criticized the netbooks in April. He criticized the cramped keyboard and junk hardware of the netbook and revealed that Apple did have something very interesting. According to Munster those remarks suggest that Apple would actually expand its iPod Touch player into a more sophisticated form instead of netbooks.

Munster said that such product in the market would actually fill the gap in Apple’s product line between the MacBook and iPodTouch and that the low cost netbook would actually serve to make the Mac brand cheaper thus making it more apple to common people. The current iPod Touch has 3.5 inches large screen and priced maximum of $399 whereas the MacBook sells for $999 only. So, a tablet PC at a price in between them that would play videos, music, surf the web, and display electronic books could appeal to the generation which is currently bogging down with recession and don’t prefer buying expensive products.

The larger form of iPod Touch would be an ideal inexpensive personal computer and the sales of netbooks will definitely double the figure than what is right now. The product will be an interesting piece of technology that will improve Mac sales and also applications.

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