Android and Windows Phone to Overrule Apple iOS

In the current market of Smartphone’s, there are a couple of big players and over the past few years, there has been one phone in particular that has been growing in popularity at an extraordinary rate; this it h Apple iPhone. Despite the sales of the phone being huge over the past few years, it is now predicted that by 2015, Apple’s iOS operating system will actually take third position in the list of the top Smartphone operating systems.

It is said that by 2015, Apples iOS will actually be overtaken by two of the other large contenders out there; Windows Phone and the Google Android operating system. The Android OS has seen a huge rise over the past few years and it is thought that it now has a good share of the market. It is actually said that by the end of this year, Android will have staggering 39% of the Smartphone OS market which will total more than 467 million Smartphone’s.

However, despite Apple still having a large chunk of the market by the end of this year, it is said that by 2015 they will actually be in third place as the Windows Phone OS will move into second place after Android. As well as this, RIM will follow closely in fourth place with their Blackberry OS. These predictions might seem unlikely at the moment as Windows on has a 5% share of the market but according to analysts, this is the way it will go.

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