Samsung Galaxy Tab Could be iPad Killer

As many of you will already know, one of the things that has become extremely big in the past few months is tablet computers. Since the release of the iPad device from Apple earlier this year, many other companies have been busy putting together their very own tablet computers that they hope will rival the iPad device. Although only a few of these have been released so far and none have really had much of an impact, there could be a product coming to market that will kill the iPad. This product is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is due for release over the next few weeks and it is certainly a great looking device. The device does actually look pretty similar to the iPad device, although many would argue that it has a lot more features than the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system which is expected to make the device extremely easy to use and will be a further expansion for the Android operating system. The device has a slightly smaller screen than the iPad at just 7 inches but the quality is great.

Many believe that this device will be an iPad killer as it has features such as a camera with flash; a feature that is yet to be seen on the iPad device and it also has the ability to record HD video. Yet again, this is another feature that is yet to be seen on the Apple iPad.

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