Apple iPad is Released Today in UK

The Apple iPad is one of the most revolutionary devices that we have seen in recent years and since the original version of the device was launched less than a year ago, it has completely changed the computing industry forever. Today, Apple are launching their iPad device in a further 25 countries around the world, the UK being one of them.

The iPad has a range of new features when compared to the old device including a faster processor and two cameras that will allow the customer to make video calls with other iOS devices. The Apple iPad was actually launched in the US around two weeks ago and it has seen a phenomenal amount o success. It is actually said that in its opening weekend in the US, it sold a staggering half a million units.

The Apple iPad 2 will be available in the UK from 5pm local time today. Queues for the device at Apple retail stores are expected to be extremely long with many fans queuing all day in order to get their hands on one of the devices. It is said that the device will go on sale for £399 in the UK, which is £30 less than the original iPad cost when it was launched in the country.

The device was originally due to be launched at 9am local time although this has been held back by Apple for some unknown reason.

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