Apple Triple iTunes Song Previews to 90 Seconds

One of the most popular ways to purchase music these days is actually through online sales. One of the most popular ways that a lot of people will actually purchase new music is using websites that offer MP3 downloads. The most popular way of downloading music is actually through Apple iTunes program at the moment and there are millions of songs to choose from. As you will know if you have used this program in order to purchase music in the past, you can actually listen to a preview of the song that you are looking to purchase for 30 seconds. Now, Apple is tripling this amount of preview time to 90 seconds.

The reason for this move by Apple is because they believe that it will lead to more sales through their iTunes store. They are rolling out the new amount of preview time in the United States first of all and all iTunes users in the country will be able to preview songs for 90 seconds. Apple believes that by giving customers more time to really preview the track, they will actually allow customers to get a better idea of the song and this will in turn lead to more purchases. The 90 second preview will only be available on songs that are at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. With iTunes already having a market share of 70% of online sales, it is hard to see how much they can possibly improve.

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