Apple Delays Release of White iPhone 4 Again

Since the release of the iPhone 4 device from Apple a few months ago, they have kept delaying the release of the white version of the phone, each time giving excuses as to why the phone is yet to be released. Up until now, there has been a couple of times that Apple has pushed the release date of the phone even further forward and now, they have released a statement saying that the release of the phone has been delayed further, until Spring of 2011.

This has come as a massive disappointment to fans that have been waiting to get their hands on the Apple iPhone 4 model in white and so far, Apple is yet to give any new reason for the delay. This has caused a lot of speculation and a lot of people believe that Apple will actually be planning to miss the release of the White iPhone 4 device out completely and simply release the iPhone 5 instead. This is thought as there have been so many problems with the iPhone 4 device that Apple recently announced they were pushing the production of the iPhone 5 further forward in order to correct the problems.

The exact date of time in spring of 2011 is not yet known and has not been given by Apple. There is a good change that Apple could delay the phone again however.

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