Apple iPhone 5 to be Released

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding the release date of the Apple iPhone 5 over the last couple of months and now, it is rumours that there could have been a piece of information leaked that points to the date that Apple has planned. The date that has been leaked is October 5 2012 according to many of the largest online Apple blogs out there. said the same prediction:

Speaking of mobile growth, Strategy Analytics posted a new note online claiming that the iPhone 5, reportedly getting an October release date, is set to jumpstart the slightly weaker smartphone market. It is worth noting that the smartphone industry is still one of the lucrative markets to date, but compared to its previous quarter-per-quarter performance, it reportedly suffered a mild slow down.

Apple always fiercely protects the secrecy of their product launches which is one of the reasons that this date is being approached with caution.

The analytics firm wrote:

Strategy Analytics forecasts global smartphone shipments to grow +38% YoY in the second quarter of 2012. Economic slowdowns in the Eurozone, Asia and North America will place a temporary cap on growth in the near-term. However, an improved pipeline of major new models — particularly Apple’s iPhone 5 — will help to stabilize volumes during the second half of this year. LTE technology will remain the industry’s most important segment, with shipments rising tenfold in 2012.

Nonetheless, this still adds to the ever growing rumours and talk surrounding the iPhone 5 release.

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