Apple iPhone 4 Outdone by HTC, Samsung and Blackberry

We all know that one of the most popular phones that has been released in the recent times is the Apple iPhone 4 device and since its release a few months ago, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the phone. You might have thought that this was the most desired phone on the planet and the phone that has generated the most interest; however, according to a survey of searches over the past month, the Apple iPhone has ranked only 6th among the top searched phones on the internet

The survey was carried out by and the results found that the iPhone was trailing behind some of the other big names in the top most searched for phones. Among some of the phones that beat the iPhone 4 in the searches were phones from HTC and Blackberry. HTC actually took all 3 of the top spots with their HTC Wildfire coming in at number 1; closely followed in second place was the HTC Desire and then the HTC Desire HD.

These results have shown that Apple isn’t always the most desired company name to be searched for on the internet and it is thought that one of the issues that is putting people off with the iPhone 4 device is the price. It is expected to become the most searched for phone once again this month however as the iOS 4.2 operating system has been released.

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