Ebay Release iPad 2 Sales Data

Today, the popular auction website eBay has released the sales data for the iPad 2 sales over the last few weeks. We have yet to receive any word from Apple regarding the official statistics of the sales of the IPad 2 device since the release, although it is though tot be impressive. Today, the figures released by eBay also seemed to suggest that the sales of the device would be impressive.

The statistics that were released by eBay today held details of the sales of the iPad 2 devices on the website in the 2 weeks between the iPad 2 being released in the US and it being released in another 25 countries around the world. The statistics have shown that over this period, there were actually 12,000 of the devices sold on the website.

It also showed that around 65% of all the iPad 2 devices sold on the website in this period of time were to people in the United States. This is a huge increase of the figures that were released for the original iPad in which only around 5% of the sales were in the US.

The figures have also shown the amount that customers are willing to pay for the iPad 2 on eBay and it has shown that for the top end 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G version, ton average customers were willing to pay around $406 more than the RRP. This shows the huge demand for the product all over the world.

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