Apple Release New iPod Touch 4th Generation

Update: Now apple itouch fans waiting for news and rumor on ipod touch 5g release date.

Yesterday, at Apple press conference, Apple announced the release of a few new products and they also announced that many of their products have had a makeover. The products that Apple have given a little bit of extra flare to include the iPod Touch 4th generation device and the new changes are absolutely fantastic.

First of all, one of the biggest changes to the iPod Touch 4th gen that Apple has now made is that it actually has two cameras. This is very similar to the iPhone 4 device and is two more cameras than the device had previously. On the new iPod Touch, there is a camera on the front and back of the phone, like the iPhone 4, and Apple has done this so that it will enable users of the iPod Nano to use their latest Facetime feature which they released along with the iPhone 4 a few months ago. Another great addition to the device is that Apple have fitted it with their Retina display. This has previously been seen on the iPhone 4 device and it is the most high quality display on the market at the moment. The new iPod Nano can also record HD videos with one of its cameras which make it perfect for shooting those special moments.

If all this wasn’t enough, then the Apple iPod Touch 4th generation is available from just $229 in the 8GB model and you can even get a 64GB model if you really love your music.

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