Sources Say iPhone 5 to be released in August

The iPhone 5 from Apple has been rumoured for quite some time but there is still some speculation on the release date of the phone. There have been rumours in the recent months that the phone is expected to be released in September of this year, although others have been quick to squash these rumours after there was word that the phone release had been delayed due to overheating problems. Now, according to the latest rumours, it is looking like the iPhone 5 will actually be released in august of this year.

According to the latest rumours, it is said that a reliable source has said that the Cupertino based company; Apple are actually looking to release the phone in August of this year and that it will be shown off to the world in the same month. This news comes just a few days after word got out about how Apple has been hiring new staff to be trained up for a release of a product in their stores from the middle of August.

There are many rumours as to whether Apple will stop selling the iPhone 4 and the previous versions the iPhone following the release of the iPhone 5 and at the present time, it is thought that they will continue you sell the iPhone 3GS as well. This will mean that Apple is able to compete with the likes of Google Android phones as they have more products on the shelf. Please check another rumor from about ipod touch 5 release date.

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