How To Use An Ipod Correctly To Save Battery Power

If you think turning your iPod off is just as easy as 123, you’re absolutely wrong. Why? It’s because it’s not an instinctive process. Actually watching your iPod’s battery drain without the knowledge of turning it off the right way is very distressing and frustrating. In that case, here are some of the ways to do it which includes resetting when it freezes:

  1. You will be able to turn it off by merely holding down the button labeled “play/pause” for a minimum of 2-3 seconds. Be sure that the screen turns blank and the iPod will stay off until you turn it on again by holding the same button down.
  2. If people do go to sleep, iPods should also sleep. Don’t you know that when an iPod is not used for 2-3 minutes it mechanically goes into the so-called sleep mode? This usually happens when the screen turns black until you touch just any of its controls. Through this, less amount of battery is consumed when your iPod is in complete use.
  3. Allow your iPod to sleep by appealing the hold switch. This is the iPod’s sliding bar located on top. By putting the iPod on hold, it will eventually lock the screen making it unattainable for the iPod to incidentally be turned on again. Just imagine locking your mobile phone to keep away from pocket calls.
  4. By concurrently holding down the buttons labeled “menu” and “select”, the inappropriately disconnected iPod will be reset. After few seconds, you will see the Apple logo come into view and the iPod will successfully reset.

Follow these instructions and you’ll surely enjoy your iPod’s company each day.

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