10 Ways of Increasing iPhone Battery Life

10 Ways of Increasing iPhone Battery Life. iPod Touch apps, The iOS 4 is a big consumer of iPhone battery power. This doesn’t mean that the Lithium battery of the iPhone is not powerful, it is powerful. However, fancy graphics, round on the clock connectivity, and an amazing sound requires power. And Apple is working hard to improve the running time of its iPhone. That’s good news for the new generation of iPhone. But, for you, who already have an iPhone, it means you’ll have to do something to save power.

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Here are 10 tips for increasing the battery life of your iPhone:

1. Don’t expose your iPhone to heat. That will damage the battery. Direct sunlight counts as heat. Charging it when it’s in its carrying case also counts as heat. Indeed, everything that’s above 72 F / 22 C will affect its performance.

2. Update your iPhone regularly. The updates are not just for security, but also for improving performance, which saves power.

3. Use the Internet selectively. Do you need to use newstickers, twitter, eBay mobile and others?

4. Don’t use location services, unless you need to locate or being located. How often do you use those fancy GPS-based location services? They are amazing, but do you need 100% of the time to be located by someone else or find a restaurant?

5. Reduce pushing. Do you need your email, IM or whatever client to keep you updated? Well, that consumes lots of power. Set the pushing intervals, when your iPhone gets updated, according to your need, overridden the standard settings.

6. Do put it to sleep. Locking your phone, when not in use, will reduce the consumption of energy. It will still be active for receiving calls and messages, but background processes won’t be running.

7. Reduce brightness. The screen can get bright, as much as a flashlight, but did you buy an iPhone or a flashlight? Set the brightness according to your needs.

8. Airplane mode is an amazing power saving mode. It is not just for flying. It switches off any connection, the main cause of battery consumption in the iPhone.

9. Turn the equalizer off. It has an astonishing sound, but as stated above, amazing sounds consume power.

10. Set bluetooth off as a default. Just turn it on when needed, for synchronizing, for exchanging files or for connecting a bluetooth device, if you need one.

Do you other ideas to Increase iPhone Battery Life?

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