How to Put DVD Movies on Your iPod

Ipods have become really famous these days. Everyone wants to enjoy watching DVD movies in their iPods, whenever they feel like watching a movie. But, hardly anyone knows how to put DVD movies on your iPod. This could be due to various reasons, but this has resulted in many people thinking of not going for transferring DVDs to iPods. When you understand that this transfer is quite easy, provided you take some time to read and understand the facts about the transfer, you will easily become a master and will be watching movies at the play ground or even at your office!

The first step when you learn how to put DVD movies on your iPod will be conversion of the movie from the DVD format to the video format required for the iPod. The format used in iPod that work using videos is MPEG-4. This video format is of H. 264 codec. Hence for watching DVD movies in iPod, you will have to get your movie converted to this format. The most important factor required for making this transfer fast and easy is to use a converter program.

A good DVD to iPod conversion software will help you a great deal in learning how to put DVD movies on your iPod. This will have all the necessary tools and equipments to complete the transfer in the proper manner. All you have to do will be to follow the 2 step process involved in performing the conversion. The first step involves the conversion from the DVD format to the .avi file format. This is later converted into the .mov files. This is then uploaded as videos into your iPod. This is done through the iTunes. This could be a lengthy procedure and might demand much time and effort. However, once you get experienced with enough knowledge, this will turn out to be an easy task.

There are some other programs which will help you in a direct conversion of DVD format to iPod format. This will ease you from learning much about how to put DVD movies on your iPod. These are quick and efficient programs and will help you to save much time and effort in converting the formats. However, in either kind of conversion, you will have to take care of various factors affecting the conversion process as well as the quality of the movie.

The first step when you try to understand how to put DVD movies on your iPod will be the speed and quality of videos and audios. The software should be user friendly. The program should be capable of performing all conversions, no matter the kind of DVD format in which the movie is available. It will be better if you can get a DVD to iPod converter that can convert video formats like Mov, AVI etc. there are programs which could be downloaded for free. You can use such programs for testing the performance and later get them for watching DVD movies on iPod. The final step is to add the video into the iTunes library. You can directly load the movie to the iPod and start enjoying it.

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