Fix iPhone 4 Battery Drain Issues After iOS 4.3 Update

Fix iPhone 4 Battery Drain Issues After iOS 4.3 Update

For those who have the iPhone 4G and are considering updating to the iOS 4.3, you may either be experiencing or want to become aware of a possibly burdening experience and most common problem like iPhone 4 Battery Drain Issues After iOS 4.3 Update. To begin, the iPhone is a device made by the Apple corporation (also bringing to today’s world the revolutionary iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac OS, and other various products) and is a staple in the modern world of the advanced gadgets referred to as “smartphones”, and one of the first. The iPhone was in fact the first multimedia-compatible cellular device with capabilities that extended towards full use of an operating system known as iOS. iPhones serve as a pocket-sized gadget capable of receiving and giving calls and texts, accessing the Internet, a camera phone, is connected with Wi-Fi and 3G, includes a video camera and camera phone, and is host to many gaming, organizing, and media-related applications for fun. The field of i-technology is constantly updating in a whirlwind of error, demand, and the latest revelation of capability a hand-held touchscreen can perform for consumers. In mid-2011, however, users of the iPhone 4 (the most recent installment in iPhone product) frequently came across an issue within updating the ever-changing iOS, specifically version 4.3. They reported that get iphone 4 battery drain issues.

iphone 4 battery drain issues

For many iPhone 4 users, downloading the new operating system has served as problematic through means of battery drainage. In other words, your iPhone’s battery charge is suddenly going down the tubes in a shorter matter of time due to using it with the new and improved system. Within a few hours, a fully charged phone may have half to no energy remaining before needing to charge it again. This has served as a frustrating experience for many who utilize the device and made the update, quickly spreading as a regretable choice for iOS users. Many methods have been conjured by those who have suffered these complications, some of which work well for multiple users and others that haven’t quite proved as effective. For a simpler method and road less traveled by, some individuals chose to ‘Reset to Factory Settings’. This causes the iPhone’s settings (customized by the customer in use, most likely) to revert to how they were upon the original, default programming. This method has been known to slightly improve conditions, but does not fully alleviate the problem.

Another popular method in ridding oneself of drained battery life lies in the option of disabling the Ping. In other words, go to the Settings area via your Home Screen once the iPhone is turned on. From there, one must select ‘Enable Restrictions’ and proceed to enter their pass-code in order to reach Ping Settings and simply disable Ping. This has been one of the more popular methods in succeeding in getting a fraction of the battery life expectancy to return to your device. Furthermore, in relations with the Factory settings, the Network settings can also be reset in order to hope for better results as a third and final resort. Simply go to Settings, then the ‘General’ tab, ‘Reset’, and finally ‘Reset Network Settings’. There is no magical way to fully restore one’s battery to their devices unless they are savvy enough to uninstall iOS 4.3 and reinstate an older version in older to perhaps help preserve the battery life in the future.

Well, please kindly report here if you have another simplest tips to fix iphone 4 battery drain issues after iOS 4.3 update. I believe your sharing will help many iphone 4 users out there.

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