What to Do When Your iPod Touch Battery Dies

Recently, Renaldo wrote into us with a problem he’s been having with the battery on the iPod Touch. Renaldo didn’t use his iPod Touch for about a year, and now he wants to use it again, but the battery dies after only about ten minutes of use. So, what to do? The problem is most likely that the battery is dead, or dying. This could be just because it’s been unused for about a year, and so the battery has been compromised. But I don’t know how long Renaldo had used his iPod Touch before putting it down for a year, so a lot of use could also have something to do with it. So, how do you replace a battery in your iPod Touch?

Well, if the iPod Touch is less than a year old, you can just send it back to Apple to get it replaced free of charge. If something happens to your battery within the first year, it’s most likely a defective battery and will be covered under your Apple warranty. But, if your iPod Touch is more than a year or two old (as Apple’s extended warranty covers any defects within the first two years), the answer might get a little trickier.

You may still have to send your iPod Touch into Apple to get the battery replaced but it won’t be cheap. Apple charges $79.95 plus shipping to replace the battery in an iPod Touch that is not covered under warranty. It’s definitely not cheap, but it is still much cheaper than just buying a new iPod Touch. And, if you still don’t want to pay that much?

Well, head on over to iPod Juice. This handy dandy web service will replace the battery of your iPod Touch for you after you send it to them, and then they’ll deliver it right back to your door. And best of all, they only charge $20 for the service!

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