Is Your iPod Touchscreen Not Working?

One very common problem with the iPod Touch is when the iPod’s touchscreen is not working. This can be incredibly frustrating because, if the screen on your iPod Touch is not working, it’s rendered pretty much useless. So, what can you do to fix the problem?

Many people think that it’s a pressure problem, and the fact that the iPod is not picking up the pressure you apply when you touch the screen to perform a task. However, the screen on the iPod Touch is not pressure-activated but rather, heat-activated. This means that when you touch the iPod screen, the sensors inside the Touch pick up on the heat from your finger and follow it to wherever it goes. If it can’t pick up the heat, it won’t be able to do much for you. Luckily, because it’s the heat sensor, the problem can sometimes be very easily corrected.

Oftentimes, this problem occurs when people are outside on a very warm day and are trying to use their iPod Touch. Because the surrounding air is just as warm, or hotter, than the temperature from the tip of the finger, the sensors can’t differentiate and so, they don’t respond when you touch the screen. So, just move to a cooler place and you should be able to operate your iPod Touch again. Some also suggest turning your iPod off and on and waiting a few minutes before trying again to see if it will work. 

Unfortunately, if those solutions don’t work for you, you might be out of luck and might just have a defective screen. If this happens, the only solution sadly is to return your iPod Touch to Apple and hopefully, you’re still under warranty to get a new one.

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  1. i need a little help my ipod thirrd gen turnes on and all but it will not sense hat so i can unlock it is there a way to fix it cheap

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