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Griffin Technology has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of accessories for iPods and iPhones.  This year, they made their first foray into developing a software for iPod Touch and iPhone units and it’s mighty impressive.

The iTalk Recorder, an application that works with all iPhones and second generation iPod Touch, lets you make voice recordings that save directly to your gadget’s available memory.  While the Apple store already sees plenty of software that can do that, few of them do it in as well-done a manner as what Griffin provides.

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iTalk Recorder’s screen interface is simple and straightforward.  When you’re making a recording, all you’ll need to do is choose a recording quality (Good, Better, Best) and immediately begin the session with the touch of a button.  The same button can be tapped to pause the operation.  Below it is a visual level meter that clues you in on how much space you have remaining on the device. If you press the stop button at any point and start the same session again, any additional recording will appended to the same saved file.

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You can turn off the screen via the Sleep button during recording to save battery life. If you’re using an iPhone, the screen will automatically rotate when you turn your mobile so that the microphone faces the source of the sound.  When you leave the recording screen, you can view the list of recorded files stored in your handset in alphabetical order.

Unlike many iPod Touch recorders, you can transfer audio files with the iTalk Recorder via syncing.  Audio quality is intentionally in mono to conserve space.   However, the Best quality option surprisingly provides very good fidelity – better than what I’ve seen other apps do.  For the iPod Touch, you’ll need a headset with an accompanying microphone to use the iTalk Recorder.

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