Your iPod Touch Is Low On Batteries: What To Do

iPod Touch Low Batteries Tips – We’ve all had this experience with our portable gadgets – losing charge while you still need it for a couple more hours.  When you get used to having music to listen to on-the-go, it can really be unsettling when your iPod Touch suddenly loses its charge while you’re still out and about.

If you run into the same situation, you can do a few things to make sure your battery survives long enough to see you through until you either get home or find a place to charge up.

What to do If iPod Touch Is Low On Batteries?

Sleep Mode

Always turn off your iPod Touch when you’re not using the device.  Not only will it save battery charge throughout the day, it can prevent you from accidentally pushing buttons on the screen.


Dim Your iPod Touch Screen

Adjusting your screen to a dimmer backlight should extend battery charge for a good amount of time.  It will also make sense to turn your Autobrightness on throughout the day, so the phone can self-adjust depending on current lighting conditions.

Turn Off Connectivity

Since you’ll only be listening to saved music, turn off both the Wi-Fi and BlueTooth options.  Additionally, try to refrain from using EDGE (use Wi-Fi instead) throughout the day – it tends to use up more power.

Turn Off The Equalizer

I know, you love your sound settings.  If you don’t turn it off, however, your iPod Touch might not last you through the day, especially if you begin losing charge a good few hours before you can plug in again.  Make do with the default recordings for now – unless you’re listening to bootlegs, they should sound fine anyway.

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  1. my touchscreen ipod dropped in a cup of water for a couple seconds and now it wont come on. can anyone help me with a tip to save it?

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