Extend the Precious Battery Life on Your iPod Touch

The claims that the iPod Touch has a battery life of 36 hours may sound great when you’re standing in line to buy it, especially considering that laptops run at about two. But also consider that this number is based solely on music playback time, which means if you do anything else except listen to music, it’s going to eat up battery power and leave you stranded when you need your iPod the most. Here are some quick tips to save the precious battery life on your iPod Touch, so you have it whenever you want it.

  • Lower the brightness. In the settings menu, slide the “Brightness” bar over to the left. This will not only save your battery life, but it will also help you see your screen better when you’re outside or under bright lights.
  • Turn off the “Ask to join networks” feature. Keeping this on means that your Touch will automatically scan every eight minutes looking for networks. This is not only unnecessary, but it also eats up battery time.
  • Unless you absolutely need it, don’t use WiFi. After browsing the web and going to an offline application, remember to turn off the WiFi. Keeping it on uses up battery that you aren’t using.
  • Instead of turning your iPod Touch off and on, put it in Sleep mode when you’re not using it. This uses much less power than always powering up and shutting down.
  • When you’re listening to music, switch the iPod to the “Hold” position. This will stop any accidental brushes or touches from making your iPod do something else, such as open contacts. You may not even realize this while you’re still listening to music, but when the iPod Touch automatically goes into sleep hold, everything will still be open and everything will still be using power.
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