Need to Find Something on Your iPod Touch?

Do you sometimes find that you know you’ve downloaded something onto your iPod Touch but just can’t seem to find where it is? Instead of spending countless hours looking through every folder, and every nook and cranny of your Touch, there’s a way that you can easily search your iPod Touch.

The search function lies in the Home screen button. This button, which sits at the bottom of your Touch and is the only button on the face of the Touch, can be pressed twice and a text box “search iPod ” will come up. Just type in the name of whatever you’re looking for, your iPod will be searched, and the found item will be delivered to you within seconds, if that.

Whether this is a new feature that has come with the latest software update, or something that has always been available on the iPod Touch, I’m not sure. I’ve owned my own Touch for about 4 years now and I serendipitously found it when I accidentally pressed the Home button twice, when really I was just trying to get back to the Home screen. If you’re not in an app and already at the Home screen, just press the Home button once and the search text box will pop up.

Whether this is new, or been a part of the software since its inception, being able to search your iPod Touch so quickly and easily is a handy little tool indeed!

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  1. The way the iPod Touch 4.2 does this may seem different. Pressing the Home screen button until you get back before the main home screen brings up the Search window, although the only hint of it is the Search key in place of the Return key. However, unlike the Palm search, the iPod Touch only searches titles and does not go into notes associated with contacts or inside other documents. I have, without success, looked for a search app to look deep into all apps for certain words or text. If anyone knows of one, I would appreciate feedback.
    Bob S.

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