Various iPod Problems

The only thing in this world that cannot be taken away from all the people is the never ending assortment of problems. It is said to have been a part of life that can never be taken away nor eradicated. But, aside from humans even iPods are also subject to many problems.

The new iPod Touch which is shaped just like the iPhone 3G has many functions aside from the absolute battery life feature and the phone-related ones. But, people worldwide still consider it to be so costly and priced unreasonably since the iPhone subsidized at $199 is a very striking option.

Concerning the very colorful iPod Nano, yes, it has 9 amazing colors that will likely take you to cloud 9 just by seeing it but and its 4 hour video playback is not enough at all. It’s because it has low memory which they should be fixing soon.

iTunes 8 is the newest and freshest application that can be used with almost all the various new models of iPod. However, it always failed to behave properly as expected by the consumers. The new genius features however are not living up to the expectations of many due to some situations and circumstances.

In the next few months, it is even expected to lose its market share in the field of media player due to the tough competition in its price range. Some consumer also complains about the battery’s quality, and this will also be expected to affect the marketability of the Nano.

But, it has always been believed that nobody’s perfect and nothing’s perfect in this world. As they say, there is always room for improvement. These problems that the iPod Nano is facing will just serve as constructive criticisms for them to improve their service and the quality of their products more since it is still the undisputed brand accepted by people worldwide.

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  1. My ipod touch was working fine with a full battery before i left for a day camp. When i returned home my ipod doesnt turn on or respond to anything i do. I have tried reseting it by holding the home and power buttons but nothing. the screen just stays black and blank.


  2. Thank you, it worked. Any way, i understood that it was the Accessibility button that was on (activated), and to desactivate one has to to push the button three times.

  3. I have exactly the same problem with Rosa Peralta. For me, it happenned with no reason, suddenly! Why does it happen?
    Where are the aswers she got?
    Please help

  4. I just want to ask for help to fix my ipod the screen is very big like zoom in and i can’t used because of this problem thank you

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