How Do You Fix a Wet iPod?

Have you got wet Ipod? And you do not know how to fix it?

Listed below are the answer of your wet ipod problem.


Using an iPod in everyday living – we could really not prevent sometimes- whether if we spill a drink on them or accidentally drop off them at the pool or tub, and in any scenario that could get your iPod wet. But the good news about it is that- wet iPod does not mean a dead iPod however there are times that you cannot saved your iPod no matter what ways you do. But before you are going to declare or have your gadget disposed. It is far better to attempt these steps listed below.

First step to fix wet ipod is never turn on your iPod and if it is already on- turn it off by holding the button as fast as possible.

fix wet ipod

Second, shake your iPod to make the water out. This is dependent upon how wet is your iPod, you may able to see water in its headphone jack, dock connector, or even in the other areas. Shake the water out as much as possible to dry off your iPod.

Third step to fix a wet ipod, Place and leave it in a warm area- once you already gotten the water. Keep your iPod off and place it for a few days in a warm place. Many of people like to dry off their iPod by placing it on the top of the Television, in which the heat from the TV might help it dry internally, but you can choose whatever techniques you want.

Fourth, you can use a Hair Dryer- this can be done if you like a direct solution. You are able to blow the wet iPod on a low power about a day after it got wet.

Fifth, take it apart. It is advisable to know what you are doing, simply because this approach can damage or ruin your iPod and can void the warranty you have, but if you are really handy with gadgets. Having your iPod apart could dry off the wet parts of your iPod. In this scenario, people may tend to use a hand dryer or others wants to separate the parts and leave them to a sack of dry rice for 2 to3 days.
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Sixth, if none of these techniques work goes to a repair company that has specialize in fixing wet iPod. Two experts you may want to get in touch with are and Definitely, the chances of good results rely on the amount of water damage your iPod has experienced, but if it turns out that your iPod can be simply repaired, it would have been well worth the money and effort.

Seventh, try to go to the Apple Store- and let them fix the wet iPod touch. And it is better if you use the warranty if you still have it. Since apple store has the best feedback that honours the warranty of the apple devices. And let all your questions in mind answered in order to boost up your state of mind and your worries.

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