How to Properly Turn Off iPod

iPods are very sophisticated piece of technology, yet very fragile. A single drop with a meter high will surely damage your iPod. And so extra care is needed so that your iPod will last longer. And like computers, iPods should be turned off/on properly. If not, there would be some errors in the memory. So here are the ways how to turn different types of iPods Off and On properly.

iPod Nano

1. Press the Play/Pause button and hold for few seconds (usually 5 seconds). This is the proper way to turn off iPod Nano.

2. Press ANY key when you want to turn it ON.

iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle has a switch to turn it ON and OFF. Just at the back of the switch you’ll find a green stripe. If you can see the green stripe, it means that the iPod Shuffle is ON. To turn it OFF, simply slide the switch so that the green stripe will not be visible. In that way, the iPod shuffle is OFF.

The green stripe is not really a big deal; it is just an indicator that will tell you if the iPod Shuffle is ON or OFF.

Video iPod

Press the Play/Pause button and hold for few seconds (usually 5 seconds). This is the same as with iPod Nano.

You cannot find a switch to turn your video iPod ON/OFF because it doesn’t really work that way. Video iPod has two conditions; Asleep or Awake. So turning it off doesn’t really turn it off but putting it in Sleep Mode. When it stops playing and remains idle for few seconds, the screen will start to go dim and become black. It means the Video iPod is in Sleep Mode. Once it is in the sleep mode, battery consumption is less.

Now, there is a switch near the headphone jack – that is the Hold Switch. Its function is just to hold the current condition of the video iPod. If the iPod is in sleep mode and you want to protect it from being accidentally awake, then Turn ON the hold switch. If you want to Turn On you iPod, just toggle the hold switch and press any key. That will awaken the iPod.

Latest technology is amazing and iPod is just one of those. Know the latest firmware updates as well as the latest trend for your iPod.

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