Apple Releases iOS 5 Update with Battery Fix

For weeks iOS5 users have been complaining about battery life issues and despite various fixes by users Apple had not officially done anything to...
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Experiencing iPod Problems?

iPods for music enthusiast are just like heroine. The accessibility of your entire favorite music library just at the tip of your fingers is...
Aaron Nimocks
1 min read

Apple’s iOS 5.0.1 Update Did not Fix Battery Issues

Yesterday Apple announced that they were beginning to roll out the latest iOS 5 update which would fix all of the rampant battery life...
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Apple Designing New Ultra Thin Batteries

A new patent from Apple hints at what could be the biggest change in smartphone and mobile device batteries. Apple is apparently in the...
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Apple Exploring Fuel Cell Power System

The possibility of expanding battery life by significant amounts has always eluded engineers and researchers yet it has remained at the top of the...
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Original iPod Nanos Receiving New Battery

The original iPod Nano was a revolutionary new iPod when it first came out due to the variety of functions offered in such a...
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