iPhone 4 with iPhone OS 4.0

There has been a series of announcements of new technology from Apple in the recent time, starting with iPad, then iPhone OS 4.0 and now claim of possible iPhone 4 that was found as a prototype lost by an Apple personnel in a bar. The announced iPhone OS 4.0 will have a whole lot of new features starting from famous iBook application to revolutionary iAd that is supposed to change the whole process of mobile advertising.

The iPhone 4 prototype that has been uncovered has quite impressive improvements since the last iPhone 3GS. The Design has been revamped into a glossy metallic finish, dedicated multimedia buttons has been added, camera functionality has been improved and the list goes on. The features that were lacking in its predecessors have been added in the new iPhone along with many new possibilities. And most significantly, it will run in the new iPhone OS 4.0 that is considered as the best mobile interfacing system as of now. So along with the added hardware specifications the upcoming iPhone 4 will be able to fulfill user’s demands in many possible ways. It will be able for video calling; video conferencing and iChat via the new Front video camera, making it possible take the full advantage of the advanced 4G network over wireless communication. The screen has been bigger than before, with giving extra advantage to full screen applications such as iBook or games along with improved pixel resolution. There will be upgraded version of iTunes with many new features that will be very easy to operate via the new dedicated multimedia buttons added on the side panel. The inclusion of a noise cancellation mic will help in Voice Dialing and recording, as well as will deliver crystal clear uninterrupted sound while calling to others. The bigger battery in iPhone 4 will provide more backup and talk time that will enrich multimedia experience in iPhone 4 via the new operating system.

The iPhone OS 4.0 is compatible to previous versions of iPhone also and will be available to iPad and iPod touch later, but it will lack to deliver the possibilities it can create with the improved next generation iPhone 4.

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  1. Hi there, I’ve tryed a few times to update my ipod touch-(16g,2ndgen) with the new software (iphone os 4.0) which I let it update until it finishes updating the new software, but for some reason once it finished, I look at my ipod touch and see nothing has changed and before I even tried putting it onto my ipod touch, I first put it onto my dad’s iphone which successfully worked straight away. It’s worked on my other friend’s ipod touches successfully too but not mine. I am currently using the new itunes version that is out now.
    Can you help me with this problem?


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