VERIZON IPHONE RELEASE DATE. Apple has recently launched the 4G version of the extremely popular iPhone worldwide. iPhone 4G sold like hot cakes around the world right upon its arrival. The fact that around 1.7 million units were sold in just three days, bears testimony to this fact. This is because this latest version has power packed features like:

• It’s much thinner, its thickness measures 9.3 mm.
• It has a unified mailbox
• New wallpaper and background options
• Extended battery life
• Its basic memory is 32G. Another version boasts of 64G memory
• A camera on the front, enabling iChat application
• 5 Megapixel high definition camera with flash
• OLED screen
• Multi tasking software
• Dual core processors

This and many other features have made the new iPhone 4G a roaring success throughout the world, ever since it has been launched by Apple.

However, what is being even more eagerly awaited is the release of the Verizon iPhone 4G version. Verizon is an American based broadband and telecommunications company. It is a popular network service provider in the USA and therefore, its merger with Apple is being so eagerly awaited. With 92 million customers in the USA, Verizon is the largest network service provider. A lot of rumours are doing the rounds to determine the exact date when Verizon will launch its iPhone 4G. The date has been loosely been kept sometime during the month of January, 2011. Reports confirm that Verizon iPhone is currently making alterations in their network service in order to enable the proper and effective functioning of iPhone 4G. Currently, Verizon is testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4G. Sprint service provider has its own 4G network service already. AT&T and Verizon are currently in the initial steps of setting up it very own 4G network systems.

Although AT&T is the leading network service provider for the iPhone, some of the technical faults with AT&T (it has restrictions on certain applications like Slingplayer, Google Voice and Skype. AT&T has also been blamed for poor network coverage and other network issues) can lead to customers to opt for Verizon instead. Market experts say that this might be a reason as to why AT&T might lose its monopoly over its current reigning position on the iPhone. Without the iPhone, it will be a hard time for AT&T to attract new customers, even with rival phone companies of the iPhone. It is also being said that this move is a beneficiary business venture for Apple since the wide customer base of Verizon will then be under the control of Apple. Please check out another rumor from apple related to ipod touch 5th generation release date.

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